SAFphire Applications

SAFphire is the ideal tool for drive systems involving:

  • Coordinated Control - SAFphire provides centralized control for applications requiring coordination between one or more drives, and is compatible with various drive manufacturers and communication networks.
  • Complex Control - SAFphire provides the flexibility and processing power to create complex control algorithms for accurate real-time control, while maintaining a user-friendly interface. SAFphire is the ideal tool for precise control of linear variables such as:
      - Tension
      - Position
      - Torque
      - Speed
  • Custom Control - SAFphire simplifies the amount of engineering and programming time required to create custome applications, modifications, and Mathematical modelling.

SAFphire is currently implemented in hundreds of complex processes worldwide, and is directly responsible for such tangible results as:

  • Simplified Multi-Drive/Motor Coordination
  • Precise Tension, Position,Torque, and Speed Regulation
  • Coil Diamter Calculation
  • Zero Speed Annelaing
  • Electronic Line Shafting
  • Variable Draw Ratio
  • Continuous Line Processing Referencing
  • Improved Productivity Range

SAFphire has been the key to success across a variety of industries, including the following:

  • Hot Strip Mill Modernizations
  • Inline Bar Mill Modernizations
  • Printing Press Upgrades
  • Paper Machine Retrofits
  • Retrofit Conversion to Shaftless Printing Press
  • Pickle Line Control Upgrade
  • New Coating Line Installation
  • Overhead Crane Retrofits
  • Wind Tunnel for Race Car Testing Facility
  • Temper Mill Modernizations
  • Electric Arc Furnace Controls
  • Stacker Recalimer Control Retrofits
  • AC and DC Tube Mills
  • Venner Line Upgrades
  • Wire Drawing Machine Upgrades