OEM SAFphire

OEM SAFphire

OEM SAFphire provides a leading edge drive control solution at an off-the-shelf price. It is a full-featured, mutliple drive, digital controller in a fixed I/O configuration based on SAFphire technology.

OEM SAFphire combines the identical processing core of SAfphire with the inputs, outputs, and communication capabilities designed for specific repeatable applications.

Each version of OEM SAFphire combines the same programming software and function blocks that exist for SAFphire, with exceptional performance and the flexibility of a small form factor, DIN rail mount package.

OEM-DDCS Version

The model OEM-DDCs version is designed specifically with 3 DDCS fiber optic channels for communications to ABB's ACS600 or DCS500 drives, and includes 3 encoder input channels, a serial port for communicating to either Allen-Bradley or Modicon PLCs or MMIs.

All of the hardware inputs and outputs found on the drivers can be accessed over the fiber optic DDCS link, eliminating the need and cost of local inputs and outputs on the controller itself.